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Simple, Secure and Innovative Technology

Gadget - activated and placed on the car dashboard. / Smart Card- sized like a credit card where the customer should reload the amount for parking chargers.

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Easy management

Easy to use

This smart park gadget is a device that have a 'pocket calculator' size based on the state-of-the-art technology using smart system. The LCD Screen on the device will display the Timer.

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This Parking System is flexible and secure.

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SMS Commands to activate your parking through SMS messages.
No coins.
Don’t have to walk to parking meter.
Will be charged according to the time cars are parked.
Can track the parking history.

service 1

Easy to use

As Simple As :
Press START to start your parking ..
Press STOP to stop your parking ..

service 2

Quick Reloading

You can do the reloading from your device or from your online web account

service 3

Save money & time

Save your time And pay for the actual parking time

How to use

Simply switch it on and off when you park and when you return , and many more features.

project 1

Insert your smart card

1Make sure that you have enough balance in your device
2Make sure the smart card is available
3Make sure that the device battery fully charged

Follow the above 3 steps to make sure that fully function.

project 2

Login to your account

1Once you receive your SPG device you will get your login info,
2Go to SPG login page
3Type your email and password click login

If you can't login or you forgot your login info, please contact our customer support.

project 3

Buy reload card

1Find any shop who is selling SPG Units
2Select reloading amount (RM 10 )
3Scratch the back side of the card to get your pin no

Please be informed when you reload the units you will get a validation date according to the reloading amount example ( Rm 10 for 10 days validity ).

project 4

Place your device

1Set your device at the car dashboard
2Make sure the device back side facing the windscreen
3Make sure the device is visible from outside of the car

Note : You have to always keep the device visible at the car dashboard during period of parking , otherwise could result in being issued summon..

project 5

Select your device to check

1After login you will see your device dashboard panel
2You can manage your device ( change password , Reports .. )
3To Reload/Transfer device select device id and click reload/transfer

You can transfer your device to another car plate number by just click on transfer and then type the new plate number and click transfer.

project 6

Press on reload button

1Press on reload button at SPG Device
2Type your reloading pin number
3Press reload , successful message will showing

If you got any error message during to units reloading please contact our customer support.

project 7

Press start or stop

1Press on start button when you start parking
2Press on stop button when you finish your parking
3Make sure always that you have engouh balance

Please note that if you forget to start the device this could result in being issued summon, and if you forget to stop your device your balance will keep deducting until 12 am midnight .

project 8

Click on report to view

1Click on reports
2Click on reload report or transaction report
3Select date and click search to view your device activity

In reports you can view your device activity like reloading usage and parking usage with full details like balance and parking duration and many things more

project 9

Reload Through Web

1Login to your account
2Select your device and click on reload
3Type reloading pin in the text field successful message will showing

You can reload your device online through your account with amounts like ( Rm 10 ) for other reloading amounts please contact us

  • project 1

    STEP 1

    Insert smart card...

  • project 2

    STEP 1

    Login to your account...

  • project 3

    Buy Units

    Buy reload card...

  • project 4

    STEP 2

    Place your device..

  • project 5

    STEP 2

    Select your device to...

  • project 6

    Reload Through Device

    Click on reload button...

  • project 7

    STEP 3

    Press start to...

  • project 8

    STEP 3

    Click on report to view...

  • project 9

    Reload Through Web

    Select your device and click...

SPG Auto Park Gadget?

Welcome to SPG Auto Park:

team 1

Smart Device


activated and placed on the car dashboard.

team 1

Smart Card

Smart Card

sized like a credit card where the customer should reload the amount for parking chargers.

team 1



You can reload your device by buying a units from any booth or by online reloading through your device account on spgautopark website.

About SPG Auto Park

SPG Auto Park system act as a solution where it provides the high technology management solution to overcome all the limitations in conventional parking payment method.

SPG Auto Park

SPG Auto Park ensures new standards when it comes to user friendliness and ease of use.
Every User has to register a Smart Parking Gadget and a Smartcard.
This Parking System is, flexible and secure.
Ability to view the Last few Transaction Details.
Instant Customer Care Support will be available.

Simple, Secure and Innovative Technology for On-Street Parking.

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Frequently Asked Questions about SPG Auto Park

Frequently Asked Questions about SPG Auto Park.

" Simply switch it on , press Start , Place the device on the dashboard , press off when you return."

client 1 How do the devices work? Question

"Buy the reloadable card or through customer support centre
Simply go to any booth to top-up the reloadable card
Slot the reloadable card into the devices each time when you park."

client 2 How will it be paid? Question

"SPG is the only system that lets you pay only for the exact time that you park. If you park for 15 minutes, you only pay for 15 minutes. There are no time block charges when using your SPG, and you dont get penalised for stopping parking early."

client 3 How does it save money? Question

"If you return to your car early, you can switch off your SPG to stop paying immediately, without any penalties. If your work runs longer than expected, you don’t have to rush back to your car to load more money."

client 3 What if I'm early / late? Question

"Yes - you can login to your online account to find all your device activity like parking usage and reloading usage ..etc"

client 3 Can I view my parking activity? Question

"All the parking lots under Majlis Bandaraya Pulau Pinang (MBPP)"

client 3 Where can I use it? Question

"To use SMS commands to Start/Stop your parking please refer to our SMS manual in (How To Use) page "

client 3 Start/Stop SPG by SMS messages ? Question

"For any further questions please contact us "

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You need to pay RM 75 for following package.

Rm 75

  • 1 Device
  • 2 Smart Card
  • 3 Car Charger
  • 4 Device Holder
  • Rm 50 Units

We Offer Custom Plans. Contact Us For More Info.

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